A story of universal experience from the Big Bang to the present and into the future

based on the prospective book History of the Triple Existence: Matter, Life, and Thought

by William McGaughey



From our perspective, the story of creation involves three types of being - matter, life, and thought - which have emerged in the 13.8 billion years since the Big Bang. Their creations coexist in the geosphere, biosphere, and noosphere respectively. Until recently, a cosmology linking these separate developments has been lacking. This website is intended to supplement William McGaughey's forthcoming book, History of the Triple Existence: Matter, Life, and Thought (Thistlerose Publications, 2016), and point to other sources of information concerning the rapidly growing field of Big History.

Note: Apologies for the delay in publishing this book. Publication is expected later this year.


outline of the book

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about the book History of the Triple Existence

William McGaughey, cosmohistorical designer Organizing historical facts into a coherent and meaningful whole

Big History is an idea whose time has come Because techniques of scientific observation have improved

Of what use is this Cosmology? An invitation to ponder questions of human survival and further progress

An Alternative View of Thresholds and Historical Turning Points - a paper presented at the second conference of the International Big History Association

Storytelling and Science in Big History A creation story based on theories accepted by contemporary science

Reflections upon the Triple Existence The three in one in human experience

What can be learned from Big History? The story of how matter, life, and thought developed

How the “Triple Existence” exists Each type of being exists physically

Thought as a component of the physical universe Projected through humanity’s collective knowledge and social organization

Some models of world history and big history the story design of books published in both areas

A Call to Action With existing models before you, create your own version of history

Things of the Triple Existence A new way to see the world

The New Trinity of the Triple Existence How it's possible to see the world as a conjunction of three different types of being

Self-Awareness of the Triple Existence Your awareness of yourself comes alive with certain questions

About Thought Turning it into a type of being from a process


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link to website of International Big History Association

link to, an online course in Big History

link to ChronoZoom, an educational tool for students of Big History


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from nothing came all that exists in the universe


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